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About Me

I am a system administrator and cyber security analyst. I also sometimes develop Python programs on Github to brush up my skills. I am currently a student of Computer Science and own a basic system administration and cyber security assistance tool called as ShadowCrypt where I provide tools such as Domain IP history checker, Cloudflare resolver, DNS resolver, Hash Decrypter, IP tracker and many more.

In addition to my professional work, I also sometimes to OSINT on my Twitter account to help people in need or bust false news posts.


I have worked on many projects, some of which are listed below.

Project UAC or Project Unitum Adversus COVID is a coronavirus tracking program created to list down number of COVID cases in specific parts of India and India altogether. It uses publicily available APIs to fetch data.


WP Extractor is a web scraper that downloads entirety of a WordPress website with just its link. It is a tool intended to scrap data from WordPress websites to collect data for AI model training. It is however not limited to AI model training and can be used for any purpose the user may choose to.

Beats Monitor is a website monitoring application writtenin Python that monitors the website's uptime every 5 minutes and sends an email if the website is down. The frequency at which the website is pinged can be edited in the code.

Downtime Checker is similar to Beats Monitor but its a one-line command run program that checks if website is up. If configured properly with cron jobs, it can be used to check actively at any interval of time.

Mass URL downloader is a website scraper that downloads all URL, internal or external, from the specified website.

Status & Contact

I am currently a student in second year computer science and I'm open to Internship. If you're hiring Interns, feel free to contact me. If you are an individual or an organization that needs one-time work on something specific, you can order any of my listed services on Fiverr or message me there to setup a custom order.

You can also write me an email @ [email protected]



These are just few of 23 testimonials I have received from my clients. It's authencity can be verfied by visiting my Fiverr profile.

Lalwani Legacy
Web Hosting Company Owner
Manal is a pleasure to work with, a true expert at his craft and goes beyond the expectations of this gig! You will not be disappointed by his willingness to go above and beyond to meet your needs of this gig or project.
Jeffery Kennan
RedPanda Marketing Firm Director
Very efficient & knowledgeable. Highly Recommended.
Web Hosting Company Owner
Very professional and a pleasure to work with!